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96-Position Discovery LED Array 1 (3 UVs)


Units/Pkg: Each


Discovery 1
Lumidox® II, 96-Well Discovery LED Array (3 UVs)

• Wavelengths: UV375nm, UV385nm, UV395nm
• Each wavelength features 4 columns of 8 LEDs
• Lens Mat
• Used for screening

Available Base configurations (select option above):
Active Cooling Base†
Solid Base*

Solid base arrays are NOT self-cooling and require the use of a sufficient chiller/cooling device.
† Active cooling base arrays are not compatible with strong magnetic fields such as those found in most tumble stirrers due to interference with the cooling fans.

Average weight of arrays:
• Active cooling base: 415g
• Solid base: 520g

Cord length: 150cm (59.05″)



Shipping Weight :1 lbs

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