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Column Temperature Control

MonoSLEEVE Single Column Heater Controller


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MonoSLEEVE is the next generation of the original Hot Sleeve controller. With its new advanced “Plug & Play” technology, MonoSleeve can accommodate single HotSleeve+* or AgileSleeve+®* column heaters of different sizes without having to recalibrate to each individual sleeve. This allows you to switch out different heaters on the fly. Includes: MonoSLEEVE Controller, Power Supply, USB Cable, GUI, and Manual. Heater not included.



Download Manual
Download: MonoSLEEVE Manual

GUI Software
Download: ASALES528.exe

Windows 10 USB Drivers for MonoSleeve and MultiSleeve
Download: CDM v2.12.28 WHQL

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HotSleeve+ Column Heater - 0.75" x 6"
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HSI-0814L HotSleeve+ Column Heater - 0.8" x 14"
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HSI-1005L HotSleeve+ Column Heater - 1" x 5"
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HSI-1012L HotSleeve+ Column Heater - 1" x 12"
HSI-1012LHotSleeve+ Column Heater - 1" x 12"Each$2,785.00
HSI-1014L HotSleeve+ Column Heater - 1" x 14"
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HSI-1712L HotSleeve+ Column Heater - 1.75" x 12"
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HSI-2012L HotSleeve+ Column Heater - 2" x 12"
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