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Column Temperature Control

HotSleeve+ Column Heater – 10cm


Units/Pkg: Each


HotSleeve+ Self-calibrating Heater for 10cm Columns

The HotSleeve+ replaces the original Hot Sleeve column heater. Use with either the MultiSLEEVE™ controller or MonoSLEEVE™ controller, sold separately.

• Inner diameter: 0.65″
• Length: 10cm
• Temperature range:  5ºC Above Ambient to 85ºC



Proper Use Statement
Hot Sleeve+'s are finely tuned instruments. The flexible heating unit or gray column sleeve is a sensitive and delicate device that when used correctly will offer years of reliable service. Sleeves must NOT be bent backward or excessively flexed in any direction. Doing so could possibly break the thin wires embedded within the sleeve and cause the heater to stop heating properly.

Download: Hot_Sleeve+_Manual_rev1e.pdf

Specs / Drawings
Download: HSI-10L_6in_Hot_Sleeve_P.pdf