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Flow Electrolysis

Flow Electrolysis

The challenge of replication is an impediment in the path of scientific progress. For experiments conducted using electrolysis, much of this challenge comes from an abundance of non-standard setups that require bespoke components, converting valuable experimental time into time spent on manufacturing and calibration. The use of ad hoc equipment causes further issues of yield, since flask-based batch reactors lack a fresh supply of reactant, leading to reaction efficiencies that decay over time.

Analytical Sales and Services is pleased to offer, as a solution to those challenges, a standardized flow electrolysis setup. This new offering will allow for the rapid and efficient production of complex chemical compounds via flow electrolysis. With an interelectrode gap smaller than a millimeter, and the introduction of flow geometries that promote turbulent mixing, the Analytical Sales and Services Flow Electrolysis Cell allows for heightened selectivity and yield when compared to flask based reactors. Additionally, the Analytical Sales and Services Flow Electrolysis Cell requires minimal new equipment to use, with fittings for 1/8” OD HPLC tubing allowing fluid flow and protruding electrodes that can be connected to power supplies via standard connectors such as alligator clips or banana jacks.

Analytical Sales and Services offers both a divided and an undivided cell. This enhanced capability opens up new experimental possibilities and allows for the swift development of novel and useful compounds, with particular relevance towards the field of organic electrosynthesis. In an undivided cell, both electrodes are washed with the same electrolyte and only one fluid circuit is used, the cell being sealed from the other side by HPLC plugs and an electrode without through-holes. This allows for low-resistance reactions which will output combined products. In a divided cell, the electrodes and their flow channels are separated by a Nafion membrane. This cell allows for reactions to be performed that produce separate output streams. This can be advantageous if the two electrolyte solutions are incompatible or if the products of their reaction are troublesome to separate. Analytical also offers individual components, making it easy to convert a divided cell to an undivided cell and vice versa.

In pursuit of higher efficiency, the ability to customize is of paramount performance. In support of that freedom, Analytical Sales offers a variety of different electrodes and flow channels to support your experimental needs. The mixing geometry flow channels are specially designed and tested to promote chaotic mixing and turbulence, improving mass transfer and ensuring that any reactions performed within the channels will return as high of a yield as possible. This increased yield has been shown to to exceed the yield of the basic flow channel by over six percent. This allows the user to achieve high throughput and yield in a convenient 80mm footprint.

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    Flow Electrolysis Undivided Cell (single stream)
    F1088100Flow Electrolysis Undivided Cell (single stream)Each$392.00
    Flow Electrolysis Divided Cell (dual stream)
    F1088200Flow Electrolysis Divided Cell (dual stream)Each$476.00
    316L Stainless Steel Cathode
    F1088109316L Stainless Steel CathodeEach$24.00
    Impervious Graphite Plate
    F1088108Impervious Graphite PlateEach$48.00
    Impervious Graphite Plate with Holes
    F1088208Impervious Graphite Plate with HolesEach$84.00
    Nafion Ion Exchange Channel Separator
    F1088201Nafion Ion Exchange Channel SeparatorEach$120.00
    PFA Meandering Channel Films
    F1088403PFA Meandering Channel Films25$133.00
    Silicone Rubber Alignment Gaskets
    F1088504Silicone Rubber Alignment Gaskets10$72.00
    PFA Isolation Layer Films
    F1088405PFA Isolation Layer Films25$133.00
    Spring Test Probes / Pogo Pins
    F1088303Spring Test Probes / Pogo Pins10$64.00
    F1088302Viton Chemical-resistant External O-rings50$20.00
    F1088301Viton Chemical-resistant Internal O-rings50$20.00
    F1088406PFA Simple Channel Films25$133.00
    F1088407PFA Tangential Mixer Channel Films25$133.00
    F1030050Flow Electrolysis Power SupplyEach$164.00