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Silicone Adhesive Sealing Film, Square 96-Well Pattern


Units/Pkg: 5

SKU: 96105

Ideal for: LC/MS, HPLC, qPCR, HTS, Organic Synthesis

• Pierceable Silicone Film for REDUCED EVAPORATION!
• Perfect Thickness of High Grade Silicone for Injections or Storage
• Adhesive-free Target Areas
• Easier to Use – NO DIMPLES!

Excellent for Cell Biology Work flow
• Optical Transparency for Fluorescence detection (qPCR)
• Product can be run on a gel or sequenced
• -80ºC Long-term storage

Excellent for Analytical Work flow
• Superior Resealability after multiple injections
• No Clogging or Tearing
• Film seals at -80ºC to +120 ºC

• Format: Square, 96-Well
• Thickness: 10 mil

Qty/Pkg: 5

Well Shape:




Download: Silicone Sealing Film Brochure