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Fluidic Transfer

Double UHPLC Assembly – 15cm


Units/Pkg: Each

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Double UHPLC Assembly – 15cm
Stainless Steel Tubing with 2 Finger Tight Fittings

Length: 15cm
Outer Diameter: 1/16″
Inner Diameter: 0.007″

Qty/Pkg: EACH

• 1/16″ OD
• True ZDV
• Pressure tested to 27,000 psi

Ultra High Pressure HPLC Fitting Assemblies are the perfect column connectors for HPLC because they totally eliminate any possibility of Dead Volume in the critical inlet and outlet areas, while holding pressure to 27,000psi.

Our fittings guarantee a void-free connection because they push and lock the tubing into the column port! The unique design separates tube holding function from sealing function for long life, and because the pressure is applied to the tubing and not the ferrule, when the fitting is removed, the ferrule does not become lodged in the end-fitting, making change over painless!

Two independent finger tightening adjustments allow sealing pressure to be applied to the ferrule and tubing independently. The application of force directly to the tubing eliminates tubing ‘creep,’ or pulling out. Creep occurs when the tubing slides relative to the ferrule and ultimately leads to tubing ‘blow out’, but before failure, dead volume increases over time.

Outer Diameter:


Inner Diameter: