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Sample Filtration

96-Well Desalting Spin Plate, 300µL


Units/Pkg: 2

SKU: 96CDP300

96-Well Desalting Spin Plate, 300µL

  • Each well contains ~0.55mL resin slurry in 0.05% sodium azide
  • Recommended sample volume: up to 100μL
  • Exclusion limit of resin: 7kD (proteins)
  • Comes as a kit, includes Wash Plate and Sample Collection Plate

Analytical’s high performance desalting spin plate contains a size exclusion chromatography resin that
provides excellent protein desalting performance with high protein recovery in a centrifuge format.
Samples containing as low as 20μg/mL of protein can be processed with ≥ 95% retention of salts and
other small molecules (< 1000Da). The spin column method eliminates cumbersome column
preparation or equilibration, allowing multiple –sample processing in <10 minutes.

Qty/Pkg: 2



Download: 96CDP300_Desalting_Plate_Instruction_Sheet_rev1a

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