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Sample Filtration

12 Position Vacuum Manifold System


Units/Pkg: Each

SKU: 2100-00

12 Position Vacuum Manifold System The manifold consists of a clear glass cabinet and top to which vacuum is applied. The top is fitted with 12 female luer connectors in series with a similar number of stopcock valves. These luer connectors enable the manifolds to work with any male luer-hub sample prep device. Opening the stopcock valve under a clean-up device causes sample or solvent to be drawn through the device and into the cabinet where it can be collected by test tubes, autosampler vial, volumetric flasks, etc. The eluent is deposited directly into the collection vessel via polypropylene needles or optional stainless steel needles. The attached vacuum bleed valve and gauge allows the amount of vacuum to be controlled and monitored.