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Sample Filtration

diatomaceous plates

96-Well: Diatomaceous Filter Plates

  • Available in 1mL and 2mL Plates
  • pH 1-13.
  • No Pre-Treatment of the Bed is Necessary.
  • Packed with Flux Calcinated Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Compatible with all 96-Well Vacuum Manifolds
Application: Allows a high throughput alternative to traditional liquid-liquid extraction techniques. Eliminates steps like mixing, centrifugation and organic phase separation. Large surface area. Accelerated solvent extraction.Application Procedure:

  • Apply aqueous sample. (Prepare a sample (e.g. plasma), and internal standard in a buffer solution. Adjust the pH.)
  • Add this aqueous mixture to the filter plates and allow it to partition by gravity for up to 5 minutes.
  • Add an organic solvent to the wells. The analyte will partition from the adsorbed aqueous phase into the organic solvent as this solvent slowly flows through the particle bed under gravity.
  • Collect the organic eluant.
  • You can do a second addition of the organic solvent at this time if you so desire.
  • Evaporate to dryness the eluants.
  • Reconstitute.
  • Inject

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    96160-11mL Diatomaceous Earth Filter PlateEach$317.00
    96160-51mL Diatomaceous Earth Filter Plate5$1,496.00
    96260-12mL Diatomaceous Earth Filter PlateEach$336.00
    96260-52mL Diatomaceous Filter Plate, 400mg/well5$1,584.00