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Sample Filtration

Drug discovery plates

96-Well: Drug Discovery

Low Protein Binding; Hydrophobic PP, Glass and PVDF Membranes

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    96154-101mL Hydrophobic Filte Plate, 0.45µm PP Membrane10$571.00
    96122-101mL Hydrophobic Filter Plate, 0.20µm PP Membrane10$466.00
    96222-102mL Hydrophobic Filter Plate, 0.20µm PP Membrane10$478.00
    96254-102mL Hydrophobic Filter Plate, 0.45µm PP Membrane10$571.00
    960300300µL, 96-Well Glass Membrane Filter Plates, 1.0µm50$881.00
    964PP20400µL, 96-Well PP Filter Plates, 0.20µm25$469.00
    964PP45 400µL, 96-Well PP Filter Plates, 0.45µm
    964PP45400µL, 96-Well PP Filter Plates, 0.45µm25$496.00
    968PV20800μL, 96-Well PVDF Filter Plates, 0.20μm25$783.00
    9604596-Well Filter Plate, Polypropylene, 0.45µm, 800µL Volume25$621.00