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Lumidox® II LED Arrays & Lamps

PCR Plate Adapters

If your workflow involves the use PCR plates, then Lumidox® II Lens Mat Arrays are perfectly suited for your research. Lumidox II Arrays generate highly precise, wavelength-specific light for the 96-position PCR plate format. They incorporate an ultra-clear, chemically inert lens mat which delivers exceptional light transfer to your samples. They work great with many different types of PCR plates when used with Analytical Sales’ custom PCR plate adapters.

PCR Plate Adapters

96-well PCR plates integrate seamlessly with our Lens Mat arrays with the help of plate-specific adapters made by Analytical Sales. Our adapters align each well of your plate directly above each LED in the array. The protrusions or “tips” on the lens mat of the array directly touch or “couple” with the bottom of the wells in the plate. This allows optimal light transfer directly into the samples.

Adapters available for any standard PCR plate by request. For NEW custom adapter plates there is a $150 one-time engineering fee. Analytical Sales may require that you send us 1-2 plates for measurement & evaluation to ensure dimensional accuracy and to provide a fast turnaround for your plate-specific adapter.


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    PCR Plate Adapter for Lumidox®II LED Arrays
    AVWRPCR1PCR Plate Adapter for Lumidox®II LED ArraysEach$100.00
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