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Fluidic Transfer

SS zdv unions

Stainless Steel ZDV Unions

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    64402Standard ZDV Union, .020" Thru-hole, with (2) 10/32 FittingsEach$33.00
    66213-4 Standard ZDV Union, .010" Thru-hole
    66213-4Standard ZDV Union, .010" Thru-holeEach$40.00
    1615 Valco® SS Union, 21.0mm x .25mm, for 1/16"
    1615Valco® SS Union, 21.0mm x .25mm, for 1/16"Each$33.00
    66212-4 Waters® Compatible ZDV Union, .020" Thru-Hole
    66212-4Waters® Compatible ZDV Union, .020" Thru-HoleEach$38.00
    64438ZDV Union, 0.062" IDEach$31.00