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Column Temperature Control


Analytical and Prep Size Column Heaters

• Self-calibrating
• Temperature range from 5ºC above ambient to 85ºC
• Available in 5/10/15/25/30cm lengths, as well as Prep & Semi-Prep sizes
• Tube style design: Unsnap for easy column insertion & removal

The HotSleeve+ is a self-calibrating “smart’ heater that utilizes “Plug & Play” technology. This technology eliminates error generated when switching heaters from one system to another. It incorporates a unique “Tube Style” design which encapsulates a single HPLC column up to 30cm in length.

The HotSleeve+ replaces the original Hot Sleeve column heater. Use with either the MultiSLEEVE™ controller or the new MonoSLEEVE™ controller, sold separately.


Analytical Size Heaters

Hotsleeve Prep

Prep Size Heaters