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Sample Filtration
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SPE Plates

Advantage™ Solid Phase 1.0mL 96 Well Extraction Plates
Solid Phase 1.0mL 96 Well Extraction Plate

Our silica based sorbents resistocclusion by proteinaceous materials from samples. We combine size exclusion and adsorption chromatography for better flow characteristics, enhanced detection and cleaner extracts. Each well is individually fritted to eliminate cross talk.
Phase 25mg/Well
Cat. No.
Cat. No.
Cat. No.
C2 9610C225 9610C250 9610C2100
C4 9610C425 9610C450 9610C4100
C8 9610C825 9610C850 9610C8100
C18 9610C1825 9610C1850 9610C18100
Phenyl 9610PH25 9610PH50 9610PH100
Silica 9610Si25 9610Si50 9610Si100
Diol 9610Di25 9610Di50 9610Di100
Cyano 9610CN25 9610CN50 9610CN100
Amino (NH2) 9610NH25 9610NH50 9610NH100
SAX 9610SAX25 9610SAX50 9610SAX100
SCX 9610CX25 9610CX50 9610CX100

Advantage™ Solid Phase 2.0mL 96 Well Extraction Plates
Solid Phase 2.0mL 96 Well Extraction Plate

Each well is individually fritted. Our 2.2mL/well SPE plates are manufactured from virgin medical grade polypropylene and have a standard footprint. The larger exit diameter of our wells enables a faster flow rate. Applications: Samplesprepared in solid-phase extraction in drug development, drug analysis and pharmacokinetics.
Phase 50mg/Well
Cat. No.
Cat. No.
C2 9620C250 9620C2100
C4 9620C450 9620C4100
C8 9620C850 9620C8100
C18 9620C1850 9620C18100
Phenyl 9620PH50 9620PH100
Silica 9620Si50 9620Si100
Diol 9620Di50 9620Di100
Cyano 9620CN50 9620CN100
Amino (NH2) 9620NH50 9620NH100
SAX 9620SAX50 9620SAX100
SCX 9620CX50 9620CX100

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Advantage Disc Solid Phase Extraction Filter Plates
Advantage Disc Solid Phase Extraction Filter Plate
  • Smaller volumes are required in each processing step.
  • Problems associated with channeling and poor reproducibility are eliminated.
  • Our 8mm diameter discs allow 13.8mg/well media loading capacity.
  • Our 6mm diameter discs allow 7.6mg/well media loading capacity.
Our Disc SPE filter plates are a unique solid phase extraction device consisting of glass fiber discs embedded with bonded silica. They are available with all of the conventional bonded phase chemistries. Our disc plates contain smaller particles that are densely packed so the flow is greatly improved. Both long and short glass fibers are used which improves the porosity of the matrix.

How To Use Advantage™ Disc SPE Plates

  1. Prime with Acetonitrile.
  2. Followed with water or buffer.
  3. Apply sample with analyte dissolved in water, a buffer or biological sample (serum or urine). Keep in mind that the pH of the sample should be adjusted to cause your analyte to be in a neutral (not ionized) state.
  4. Wash with water.
  5. Elute with methanol or acetonitrile.
  6. Dry down “evaporate the solvent” (concentrate) the sample, then re-constitute the dry sample with a solvent that is
    compatible with the test system.

Reverse Phase
Cat. No. Description
96D20C21 Disc SPE C2, Each
96D20C25 Disc SPE C2, 5/Pkg
96D20C81 Disc SPE C8, Each
96D20C85 Disc SPE C8, 5/Pkg
96D2C181 Disc SPE C18, Each
96D2C125 Disc SPE C18, 5/Pkg
96D20PH1 Disc SPE Phenyl, Each
96D20PH5 Disc SPE Phenyl, 5/Pkg
Polar Phase
96D20Si1 Disc SPE Silica, Each
96D20Si5 Disc SPE Silica, 5/Pkg
96D20CN1 Disc SPE Cyano, Each
96D20CN5 Disc SPE Cyano, 5/Pkg
Ion Exchange
Cat. No. Description
96D2SAX1 Disc SPE SAX, Each
96D2SAX5 Disc SPE SAX, 5/Pkg
96D2SCX1 Disc SPE SCX, Each
96D2SCX5 Disc SPE SCX, 5/Pkg
Mixed Mode
96D2SAC1 Disc SPE SAX/SCX, Each
96D2SAC5 Disc SPE SAX/SCX, 5/Pkg
96D28CX1 Disc SPE C8/SCX, Each
96D28CX5 Disc SPE C8/SCX, 5/Pkg

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