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Advantage™ 100 Columns

AdvantageÖ Plus 100 are general purpose columns which are well suited for small molecules and peptide applications. The AdvantageÖ Plus 100 series has been proven to be one of the most efficient and economical columns on the market today and is available in formats ranging from 0.17 to 20mm ID and from 10 to 250mm in length.

The 100┼ pore size, monometric bonded phase and very high performance make the AdvantageÖ Plus 100 ideal for separations ranging from small molecules such as carbamate pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs to synthetic oligonucleotides and small peptides. High efficiency, symmetrical peaks and long column life is characteristic not only of the C8 and C18 reverse phase columns, but the normal phase silica columns as well.
  Ľ High efficiency
Ľ Long column life
Ľ Symmetrical peaks
Ľ Tested and supplied with C of A

Advantage 100 Specifications
Phase Silica, C8 and C18
Particle Size 3 & 5 µm
Pore Size 100 Á
Pore Volume 0.5 mL/gm
Surface Area 190m2/gm
% Carbon C8=7%(w/w), C18=12%(w/w)
Phase Type Fully Encapped & Monofunctional
Silica Class Type A
Hardware Stainless Steel & PEEK™ Columns & Cartridges

Advantage™ 100 Microbore Columns
C18: 100┼, 5Ám
Cat. No. Description
ADV03M1C205 3.0cm x 1.0mm ID
ADV05M1C205 5.0cm x 1.0mm ID
ADV10M1C205 10.0cm x 1.0mm ID
ADV15M1C205 15.0cm x 1.0mm ID
ADV03M5C205 3.0cm x 0.5mm ID
ADV05M5C205 5.0cm x 0.5mm ID
ADV10M5C205 10.0cm x 0.5mm ID
ADV15M5C205 15.0cm x 0.5mm ID
ADV03M3C205 3.0cm x 0.3mm ID
ADV05M3C205 5.0cm x 0.3mm ID
ADV10M3C205 10.0cm x 0.3mm ID
Advantage™ Silica Analytical Columns
100┼, 5Ám
Cat. No. Description
ADV5402 3.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5405 5.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5406 10.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5407 15.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5408 25.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5450 3.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5451 5.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5452 10.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5455 15.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5456 25.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5476 3.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5475 5.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5470 10.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5471 15.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5472 25.0cm x 2.1mm ID
Advantage™ 100 Semi-Prep
& Prep Columns
C18 100┼, 5Ám
Cat. No. Description
ADV430510 5.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV431010 10.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV431510 15.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV432510 25.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV430520 5.0cm x 20mm ID
ADV431020 10.0cm x 20mm ID
ADV431520 15.0cm x 20mm ID
ADV432520 25.0cm x 20mm ID
C8 100┼, 5Ám
Cat. No. Description
ADV420510 5.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV421010 10.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV421510 15.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV422510 25.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV420520 5.0cm x 20mm ID
ADV421020 10.0cm x 20mm ID
ADV421520 15.0cm x 20mm ID
ADV422520 25.0cm x 20mm ID
Silica 100┼ 5Ám
Cat. No. Description
ADV510510 5.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV511010 10.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV511510 15.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV512510 25.0cm x 10mm ID
ADV510520 5.0cm x 20mm ID
ADV511020 10.0cm x 20mm ID
ADV511520 15.0cm x 20mm ID

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Advantage™ 100 Guard Cartridges & Holders
Guard Cartridges 5Ám
Cat. No. Description
ADV-H118 C18 SS Guard Cartridge, 20mm x 3.2mm
ADV-H108 C8 SS Guard Cartridge, 20mm x 3.2mm
ADV-HLSi Silica SS Guard Cartridge, 20mm x 3.2mm
ADV-M185 C18 PEEKÖ Guard Cartridge, 20mm x
ADV-C8185 C8 PEEKÖ Guard Cartridge, 20mm x 2.1mm
ADV-SIL5 Silica PEEKÖ Guard Cartridge, 20mm x 2.1mm
Fingertight Guard Holders
Cat. No. Description
ADV-GuardFM PEEKÖ Guard Holder, 20mm
ADV-GuardWK Waters Compatible Guard Holder, 20mm
ADV-GuardFF Double Female Holder, 20mm
Advantage™ 100 Prep Guard Cartridges & Holders
Cat. No. Description
ADV0220-50 C18 10Ám Guard Cartridge, 25mm x 20mm
ADV0220-54 Silica 10Ám Guard Cartridge, 25mm x 20mm
ADV20-Hold25 Guard Cartridge Holder, 20mm
Advantage™ 100 C8 Analytical Columns
C8 100┼, 5Ám
Cat. No. Description
ADV5204 3.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5205 5.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5206 10.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5207 15.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5208 25.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5250 3.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5251 5.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5252 10.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5253 15.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5254 25.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5270 3.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5271 5.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5272 10.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5273 15.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5274 25.0cm x 2.1mm ID
Advantage™ 100 C18 Analytical Columns
C18 100┼, 5Ám
Cat. No. Description
ADV5004 3.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5005 5.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5006 10.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5007 15.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5008 25.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5050 3.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5051 5.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5052 10.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5053 15.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5054 25.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5070 3.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5071 5.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5072 10.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5073 15.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5074 25.0cm x 2.1mm ID
C18 100┼, 3Ám
Cat. No. Description
ADV5304 3.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5305 5.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5306 10.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5307 15.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5308 25.0cm x 4.6mm ID
ADV5350 3.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5351 5.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5352 10.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5353 15.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5354 25.0cm x 3.0mm ID
ADV5374 3.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5376 5.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5375 10.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5377 15.0cm x 2.1mm ID
ADV5378 25.0cm x 2.1mm ID

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