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Para-dox® Catalog,
Spring 2022

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Management Catalog (2022)


Photoredox, Parallel Synthesis & Electrochemistry
Lumidox® II 96-Well LED Arrays Lumidox® II Discovery LED Arrays Lumidox® Gen I Parallel Synthesis & Optimization Photoredox with 9mm Well Spacing Photoredox 24-Well, 18mm Well Spacing Powder Transfer Plates Reaction Blocks for 1 Dram & 2 Dram Vials SS Reaction Block Cover Stackable Tray with 8x30 Vials Temperature Controlled Reactor
HTe-Chem Electrochemistry Flow Electrolysis
Cell Culture Plates, LED Arrays & Adapters
Lumidox® II for Cell Culture & Biological Applications
Collection Plates & Cap Mats
1mL Round Well Collection Plate 2mL Round Well Round Bottom Plates 24-Well Silicone Cap Mat & Plate 48 Vial Cap Mat 96-Well Collection Plates & Cap Mats 384-Well Collection Plates Adhesive Sealing Films Black TrueTaper Black V-Bottom Flexi-Tier Collection Systems Inserts for 96-Well Collection Plates PCR Plates & Accessories Polypropylene Tubes in 96-Well Blocks PTFE Reservoirs Reagent Reservoirs Storage & Assay Microplates Select-A-Vial Silicone Adhesive Film Silicone Cap Mat Tall Aluminum Plates TrueTaper Collection Plates
Collection Plate Accessories
LightOne™ Illuminator Numeric & Alpha-Numeric Templates SpeedyBead Dropper Thermal Adapter Plates ViewOne™ Indexer
Canary-Safe™ Solvent Safety Products Canary-Safe™ Color-Coded Caps Canary-Safe™ GL38 Caps Multi-Inlet Waste Manifold Sentinel™ Solvent Safety Alarm System
Column Temperature Control
MonoSLEEVE™ & MultiSLEEVE™ MonoSLEEVE™ MultiSLEEVE™ Thermal Adapter Plates
Dried Blood Spot
Dried Blood Spot Card Punch
24, 48, 54 & 96-Well Evaporators
Flow Splitters & Mixers
Fixed & Adjustable Flow Splitters
Fluidic Transfer
Double Ferrule Fittings Ferrule Removal Tool Micro Fluidic Transfer Products Top Fluidic Transfer Products UHP Finger-tight PEEK Fittings UHPLC Assemblies & FlexChrom®
HPLC and LC/MS Columns
Advantage™ 300+ Columns Armor™ Premium HPLC Columns Echelon™ High Resolution Columns Echelon™ Sub 2µm & 3µm Columns FluroPhase Premium HPLC Columns Sprite™ Direct Connect HPLC Columns UHPLC Direct Connect & Inline Filters
Injection & Switching
CTC Parts and Injection Loops Mass Spec Polishing Kit Tuning Tee Kit X-Type Syringes
Sample Filtration
Micro-Elution SPE Plates Protein Crash Plates Vacuum Filter Systems Vacuum Manifold Filtration System
Vials & Accessories
9mm and 10mm Vials & Kits 13mm Screw Vials Head Space Vials Precision MSQ Vials Tube Storage Solutions Wide Mouth Snap & Crimp Vials
Product Collections
ADDA & Sound Analytics Consumables Analytical Solutions High Throughput Solutions Prep & Semi-Prep Solutions Control Interfaces - Products for Automation

Manuals & Instruction Sheets

Photoredox & Parallel Synthesis
Lumidox® II Operating Manual Lumidox® UV Operations Manual Reaction Block Set-up, 24 & 96-well (glass inserts) Reaction Block Set-up, 24 & 48-well (HPLC vials) Flow Reactor Tubing Instructions
HTe-Chem Manual
Collection Plate Accessories
LightOne™ Illuminator Manual LightOne™ Red Illuminator Manual ViewOne™ LabLite / Indexer Instructions ViewOne™ LabLite Instructions
Sentinel™ Operation Manual
Column Temperature Control
AgileSLEEVE+® Manual Cold Sleeve Manual Hot Sleeve™+ Manual MonoSLEEVE™ Manual MultiSLEEVE™ Manual Thermal Transfer Deck / Lumidox II® LED Array Attachment & Removal Guide
Dried Blood Spot
DBS Assembly & Operation Manual
EquaVAP® Evaporator Quick Start Guide
Flow Splitters & Mixers
Adjustable Flow Splitter Methods for Setting Low Split Flow Adjustable Flow Splitter & Adjustable Makeup-Flow Splitter Operation General Installation Instructions
Fluidic Transfer
High Pressure SS Fitting Instructions
HPLC and LC/MS Columns
Filter Kit Operating Instructions Semi Prep 10mm Guard Cartridge Instructions
Injection & Switching
Mass Spec Polishing Kit Instructions
Sample Filtration
MWCO Filters Info/Instruction Sheet Vacuum Manifold Filtration System Instructions
Vacuum Degasser Operating Instructions

HPLC Column Applications/Chromatograms

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