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EluChrom Isolation of Vitamin A and E
Vitamin A & E Isolation Utilizing Advantage EluChrom from various solid and liquid samples.


Top Left: Centrum® Vitamin
Bottom Left: "Daily Vites" Liquid Gel Tab
Top Right: "Vita Vive" Hair Conditioner
Bottom Right: “Stress Relief” Body Lotion.

Extraction of various samples for the isolation of vitamins A and E using 12mL EluChrom cartridge and declining polarity solvents.

Chromatographic conditions:
5% H2O in 72.5:22.5 CH3CN:MeOH, 0.25mL/min, Advantage ARMOR C18 10cm x 2.1mm I.D. column. Diode array detection at 286nm.

Extraction Procedure:
Cartridge flushed with 2mL of MeOH followed by 2mL of distilled water. Sample was pulverized and charged onto cartridge. Both top and bottom caps were secured and the cartridge shaken for five minutes. Water layer is eluted off and discarded; next eluent is MeOH, followed by Ethyl Acetate. The ethyl acetate cut is filtered and transferred to the assay vial ready to be chromatographed. In some cases, an additional cut of chloroform may also be beneficial.

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