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SPE ( EluChrom™) Sunscreen Extraction from Cosmetics

Graph   Today’s beaches are jammed with people who rely on sunscreens for a safe tan. Yet epidemiologists note that the rise in sunscreen use has proceeded in tandem with an increase in skin cancers. Sunscreens effectively block the ultraviolet B radiation that causes sunburn, but they don’t all shield the skin from potentially harmful ultraviolet A rays. Skin care companies are now formulating protection into other skin care products for additional protection. A simple method for extraction and assay of three main sunscreens is listed below. Extractions are of a moisturizing lotion and a lipstick.

Chromatographic Conditions
HP1090 HPLC, 65:35 CH3CN:HOH, 0.2mL/min. Detection: 285 DAD. HPLC Column Advantage ARMOR C18 10cm x 2.1mm I.D. (ADV7009). Injection 2.0µL.

Isolation Procedure: 3cc EluChrom™ washed with two column volumes of MeOH followed by two column volumes of HOH. Add 100mg homogenized sample to cartridge, add 1mL of ethyl acetate and collect in 2mL sample vial. 2µL of ethyl acetate cut is injected on to the HPLC system.

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