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Photoredox Catalysis
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 09/16/22 2:10 PM

Temperature Controlled Reactor

Temperature control is a crucial parameter of chemical experimentation. This has proven to be problematic with high-throughput chemistry due to densely positioned reaction...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 06/2/22 2:37 PM

Magnetic Stir Bars

Magnetic stir bars serve as an enabling technology for the creation of novel substances. By following a rotating magnetic field generated below the container, stir bars...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 05/24/22 12:11 PM

Our New Line of HTe‾Chem Products

With the rising popularity of HTe‾Chem Electrochemistry, Analytical has responded to the increasing demand for these products by offering a new setup for the scientific...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 02/9/22 10:50 AM

New! Temperature Transfer Cover for 24-Well, 18mm Spaced Reactor Blocks

For any research it is crucial that data is consistent and accurate, and many researchers have their own methods and procedures to achieve their desired results. When using...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 01/28/22 10:50 AM

24-Well Reactor Research in Biochemistry, Photochemistry, and Electrochemistry

As chemistry research continues, the need for increased throughput and increased parallelization is becoming more and more apparent. As a technology supporting those goals,...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 12/22/21 11:13 AM

Thermal Transfer Decks

SLAS Thermal Transfer Deck (TTD) When connected to an external recirculating liquid chiller, our Thermal Transfer Deck can be used as either a chilling plate or hot plate....
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 12/10/21 3:32 PM

Discovery/Screening LED Arrays

If you're looking for a quick and economical way to evaluate light/color wavelengths for your photocatalysis research, then Analytical Sales and Services’ new Discovery...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 07/28/21 11:27 AM

Lumidox®II Extends Reach to New Applications with Deep Red and IR

In the midst of academic research focused on deep red/near IR light (wavelengths between 650 – 740 nm), Analytical Sales & Services is pleased to now offer its...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 07/9/21 3:01 PM

Lumidox® II Mentioned in Manuscript

Special thanks to Steven Bloom for mentioning the use of our Lumidox® II 96-well arrays in his manuscript! Check out the link below:  From...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 03/22/21 11:43 AM

“The Big Benefits of Going Small” – Article

Research investigator Jonathon Grob at Novartis discusses a new testing system for smaller scale chemistry workflow, part of which utilizes our Para-dox® reaction blocks...