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By: ASAS Team

Flow-Through Base Arrays

Published: March 1, 2023

In continuing with Analytical’s expansion of the Photoredox Catalysis product line, our new Flow-Through Base Array is now available.

Most notably, the Flow-Through Base Array has an integrated cooling circuit and is connected directly to a liquid chiller. This eliminates the need for a Thermal Transfer Deck, providing more efficient cooling of the Array’s LED than other methods. The Flow-Through Base Array is also ideal for applications that require higher outputs due to its ability to generate a 3x higher radiometric power output than the Active Cooling Base Array.

Compared to Active Cooling and Solid Bases used with a TTD, the Flow-Through Base Array has an overall shorter height and improves the compatibility with tumble stirrers. It also improves the usability of orbital shakers due to its lower weight. Flow-Through Bases are available for all models of Lumidox® II LED Arrays.

Analytical is excited to introduce this equipment to further increase Photoredox Catalysis reaction efficiency and to better meet our customers’ needs. Further information on the Flow-Through Base Array can be found here.