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By: ASAS Team

Published on: 06/21/22 3:26 PM

Get What You Need, When You Need It

With the winding down of the pandemic, many companies- both domestically and internationally- are struggling to play catch up to meet consumer demand. Every single industry...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 06/2/22 2:37 PM

Magnetic Stir Bars

Magnetic stir bars serve as an enabling technology for the creation of novel substances. By following a rotating magnetic field generated below the container, stir bars...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 05/24/22 12:11 PM

Our New Line of HTe‾Chem Products

With the rising popularity of HTe‾Chem Electrochemistry, Analytical has responded to the increasing demand for these products by offering a new setup for the scientific...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 05/2/22 12:34 PM

New Logo, Same Standards

 After thirty-five years of solution-driven innovations in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Analytical is pleased to announce the unveiling of our new...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 04/20/22 9:19 AM

Plate Parameters to Assist Autosampler Setup

With the ever changing landscape of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, new problems, challenges, and technical hurdles pop up everyday. That’s why Analytical has...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 03/30/22 1:42 PM

Column Availability (We’ve got you covered!)

As the global logistics industry continues to heal from the impact of COVID-19, many vendors continue to struggle to keep up with customer demand. This can be especially...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 03/14/22 10:47 AM

SiliGuard Low-Bind Coated Plates

Losing your analyte of interest to non-specific binding?For the past decade Analytical Sales has been providing labs, from bio-techs and CROs to big pharma, with our...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 03/3/22 10:59 AM

Calling all Sales Representatives!

Analytical Sales and Services celebrated its 34th year in business on March 1st of 2022. We are a fast-paced manufacturer of laboratory consumables and instrumentation...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 02/21/22 11:59 AM

SLAS 2022 Highlights

Another year, another SLAS convention! Located in Boston, MA for 2022, SLAS purpose is to showcase lab automation products and services from numerous companies from...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 02/9/22 10:50 AM

New! Temperature Transfer Cover for 24-Well, 18mm Spaced Reactor Blocks

For any research it is crucial that data is consistent and accurate, and many researchers have their own methods and procedures to achieve their desired results. When using...