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By: ASAS Team

Published on: 05/20/24 3:02 PM

Monocon™, Multicon™ and Gen II HotSleeve™+ – Analytical’s New Line of HPLC Column Heaters

Heating your HPLC column prior to separation provides: • Better and more consistent retention times • Improved resolution • Improved peak shape • Better...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 03/25/24 11:19 AM

NEW! 1 DRAM 24-position Photoredox Temperature Control Reactor (TCR). Screen & Scale with the Same Precision!

24-Position Temperature Controlled Reactor (249900). Includes PFA Film and Rubber Mat for compression sealing of vials Use with Lumidox®II 24-position LED...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 02/7/24 9:45 AM

Lumidox® II Flow Reactor – New Iridium & Carbon-negative Chemical Manufacturing

In a recent video produced by Boulder, CO based photocatalysis group New Iridium, Analytical’s own Flow Reactor system can be seen in use during a process used for...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 01/2/24 8:31 AM

New Para-dox® Gen II Reaction Blocks

Analytical has recently released its new Gen II line of Para-dox® aluminum reaction blocks for photoredox catalysis and parallel synthesis. Newly designed 48 and 96...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 10/11/23 2:45 PM

Analytical Returns to CCE 2024 

Analytical will be continuing its annual sponsorship of the International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering™. Now in its 8th year, the conference aims to...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 05/3/23 10:35 AM

Publication: Temperature Controlled Reactor (TCR) and ChemBeads1 OPR&D

Analytical’s Temperature Controlled Reactor (TCR, Patent-Pending) was recently evaluated and published in Organic Process Research & Development. It was compared to...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 04/5/23 9:44 AM

Flow Reactor Highlighted In Publication

Merging cNP synthesis with the Lumidox® Gen II system for applications in A) parallel synthesis of cNP libraries and B) flow synthesis of cNPs.Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2022,...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 03/1/23 3:27 PM

Flow-Through Base Arrays

In continuing with Analytical’s expansion of the Photoredox Catalysis product line, our new Flow-Through Base Array is now available. Most notably, the Flow-Through...
By: ASAS Team

Published on: 12/13/22 1:50 PM

Patent Award – Lumidox

Analytical Sales and Services is proud to announce its awarding of patent 11,458,447, “Apparatus for Facilitating Photochemical Reactions”. The patent relates to the...

Published on: 09/16/22 2:10 PM

Temperature Controlled Reactor

Temperature control is a crucial parameter of chemical experimentation. This has proven to be problematic with high-throughput chemistry due to densely positioned reaction...




Product Lines