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By: ASAS Team

Zero Dead Volume UHPLC Fittings by Analytical

Published: July 1, 2024

The ultra high pressure (UHPLC) fittings that come with Analytical’s FlexChrom® and standard tubing assemblies totally eliminate any possibility of dead volume in critical inlet and outlet areas. Pressure rated to 27,000psi, these fittings guarantee a void-free connection by using a unique two-nut compression system. The first nut (silver fitting) provides pressure to the ferrule to seat it into the port. The second nut (purple cap) provides pressure to the tubing and not the ferrule. The application of force directly to the tubing ensures that the tubing won’t slide or pull out the fitting/port (creep). Creep will ultimately cause a void with an increase of dead volume over time. These fittings require no tools as they are finger-tightened, and provide the added benefit of ferrule longevity and reuse. Since the main holding pressure is on the tubing (and not the ferrule), the ferrule will not swage onto the tubing, making reuse and change-over painless!

• Zero Dead Volume
• Finger-tightened
• 27,000 psi

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