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Discovery/Screening LED Arrays

Published: December 10, 2021

If you’re looking for a quick and economical way to evaluate light/color wavelengths for your photocatalysis research, then Analytical Sales and Services’ new Discovery LED arrays for screening are the ideal option. These new arrays offer researchers a way to streamline their work in the evaluation of the wavelengths that the Lumidox® II line of products has to offer.

There are currently 15 wavelength options available in the Lumidox II product line. With Discovery LED arrays, 9 of those wavelengths are combined into 3 units (no need to purchase 9 individual units). The three models of Discovery LED arrays come in these wavelength combinations:

  • Discovery 1 (“The UVs”): 375nm, 385nm, 395nm (each wavelength features 4 rows of 8 LEDs)
  • Discovery 2 (“The Violets, Blues & Amber”): 405nm, 445nm, 470nm, 590nm (each wavelength features 3 rows of 8 LEDs)
  • Discovery 3 (“The Greens”): 505nm, 527nm (each wavelength features 6 rows of 8 LEDs)

The six remaining wavelengths in the Lumidox II line – 365nm (UV), 420nm (violet), 630nm (red), 660nm (deep red), 730nm (IR), and white – are available for purchase but are not compatible for placement within the Discovery LED arrays due to varying electrical conditions.

Discovery LED arrays come with a lens mat surface and are available with a choice of a solid or active cooling base.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Analytical Sales for more information or to purchase Discovery LED arrays.