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By: ASAS Team

Patent Award – Lumidox

Published: December 13, 2022

Analytical Sales and Services is proud to announce its awarding of patent 11,458,447, “Apparatus for Facilitating Photochemical Reactions”. The patent relates to the opto-mechanical design of the Lumidox® Gen II LED arrays.

A full-text version of the patent may be read here.

Analytical, through Patent 11,458,447, is happy to contribute to the ever-present pursuit of decreased catalysis reaction times. The Lumidox® Gen II arrays allow for assay yields 15-20 times higher than previous generation devices. Analytical, since the writing of the patent, has developed a myriad of complimenting HTE apparatus within the Lumidox® and Para-dox® families. Recently, Analytical received a patent-pending notice for the TCR (Temperature Controlled Reactor). The TCR, in combination with the Lumidox® Gen II Arrays, can keep assay temperatures stable with up to 40 times higher light outputs than previous generations.