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Thermal Transfer Decks

Published: December 22, 2021

SLAS Thermal Transfer Deck (TTD)
When connected to an external recirculating liquid chiller, our Thermal Transfer Deck can be used as either a chilling plate or hot plate. Apply heat or cold directly to your samples or sample vessels (such as Para-dox® Reaction Blocks), or use it to cool your Lumidox® II solid base LED array. The TTD is compatible with a wide variety of coolants such as water, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, oil, etc..

This aluminum thermal transfer deck conforms to SLAS dimensions and fits perfectly with a variety of Analytical Sales’ collection plates and Thermal Adapter Plates. It has four (4) 3mm mounting holes which allow for attachment to solid base Lumidox II Arrays as well.

These decks are stackable, and multiple decks can be chained together for a total temperature control solution. The Input and Output ports are user configurable, and may be relocated between side and top faces. Push-to-connect fittings come standard and allow for quick tubing insertion/removal. The Thermal Transfer Deck is also available with high-end valved fittings (TTD+) for easy, spill-proof tubing connection/disconnection.

Compatible apparatus:
• All Lumidox® II solid base LED arrays
• 967720TAP and 59623-23TAP Thermal Adapter Plates (warm/cool transfer to polypropylene collection plates)

Recommended temperature range: -40°C to 80°C

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