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By: ASAS Team

Sample Clean-up Requires Quality Filters

Published: July 9, 2020


Analytical Sales & Services has invested years of development time designing our unique protein crash filter membrane. Our protein crash plates are manufactured, assembled and QC’d in our NJ facility.

We are proud to offer such a high quality and versatile sample preparation tool!



  • Protein crash (blood products, urine, CSF, etc…)
  • Phospholipid depletion
  • Many others: Microsomes, etc…


Membrane Properties:
(One material does it all!)

  • Hydrophobic
  • 0.45-1.0 um Frit
  • Hydrophilic



  • Faster preparation time
  • Decreases wear on injector valves, seals and reduces clogged column frits.
  • Possibly reduce matrix effect within LC-MS/MS API source.


Unique Manufacturing/Properties:

  • Proprietary membrane
  • No metal retainer ring or glues used
  • No leaking: MeOH & ACN retained for several hours!



Vacuum manifold stacked parts

Our unique vacuum manifold provides all the required features hard plumbed for you!

  • On/Off toggle, Vacuum gauge & Adjustment valve
  • It is also very versatile fitting various collection plate sizes!


EquaVap, our solvent evaporator, will also expedite your prep time!

  • Layered internal baffles provide equal flow to ALL wells!

  • Easy reproducible height adjustment.

  • Space saving 8″ square base


We also have a wide offering of options for: