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By: ASAS Team

Monocon™, Multicon™ and Gen II HotSleeve™+ – Analytical’s New Line of HPLC Column Heaters

Published: May 20, 2024

Heating Heater
Heating your HPLC column prior to separation provides:
• Better and more consistent retention times
• Improved resolution
• Improved peak shape
• Better selectivity
• Reduced column back pressure
• Extended column life
The Monocon™ and Multicon™ are the latest column heater controllers from Analytical. They are the next generation of the original MonoSleeve™ and MultiSleeve™, and control Analytical’s new Gen II HotSleeve+ column heaters. Significant new features include:

Multicon Temperature Screen

Multicon Timer Screen

Multicon Back Panel

Touchscreen Interface
• Provides simple and intuitive interaction with the device
• Provides greater utility to operators by allowing for gloved operation
• Tabbed, modern and familiar

Continuous Display of Critical Performance Data, Including:
• Current temperature
• Set point temperature
• Elapsed time or time remaining until automated cutoff
• Activation status of heating unit
• Specifications and parameters of active heaters

High Power Operation
• Support for heaters with a temperature range of 5ºC above ambient to 130ºC
• Faster heater to-temperature time allowing for decreased downtime
• Supports 250 W heaters allowing for increased performance and higher capacity operation
• Supports Peltier coolers

Screen Lock
• Prevents accidental touches from changing settings Stacking Enclosures
• Preserves space by allowing multiple devices to share the same 16.5” x 11” vertical footprint

1000 Hour Maximum Timer Limit
• Provides users with the time that they need to collect all necessary data

USB Connectivity
• For PC connection

Modbus RS485
• Allows the controller to be connected as part of a Modbus RS485 chain. This allows up to 31 controllers to be used simultaneously.
• A list of Modbus serial commands is available