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By: ASAS Team

Column Availability (We’ve got you covered!)

Published: March 30, 2022

As the global logistics industry continues to heal from the impact of COVID-19, many vendors continue to struggle to keep up with customer demand. This can be especially frustrating for those in fields that require precise, consistent data. The individuals in these fields rely on a timely and consistent supply of equipment they need for their research, and one area that is crucial for research is HPLC columns. That’s where Analytical differs itself from other vendors- we have our own custom columns and restock times typically take only a week or two at most! This also includes our microbore and capillary columns.

With over 30 years in supporting HPLC workflows, Analytical Sales has developed a wide and unique selection of stationary phases. From hard to find media such as Florophase (PFP) to more typical media like phenyl, cyano, silica, C8, and C18, we will have you covered for all of your HPLC needs.
Notably, in recent years our high-end C18 (Echelon) columns have greatly assisted a wide range of scientists. See what their experiences with our columns were in these blog posts:

Although Analytical may not use decorative packaging or catchy product names, our products, quality, and customer service are second to none. With our surprisingly low competitive pricing for our 4µm particle sizes, as well as market competitive pricing for sub 3um, we can cover all of your separation needs. If you need a column dimension that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.