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By: ASAS Team

Echelon C18 – Providing retention beyond other C18

Published: July 12, 2021

The role our unique C18 (Echelon) can fill in your lab:

  • As a go-to all around column for small, polar, low-molecular weight compounds, that might not typically retain on a C18.
  • For compounds that would either be ran on a polar column (e.g. Waters T3 HSS, or Phenomenex Synergi-RP) – which might show marginal improvement over a generic C18, or most likely have to be run as HILIC, or even SFC. Those last two options are not ideal for a fast pace work-flow as they take a lot of upfront method development to optimize retention.

Examples of where Echelon C18 was able to get great retention where “typical” C18 failed:
Benzoic acid– Almost baseline resolved for two isomers on Echelon C18 (see overlaid chromatograms below).
Acyclovir– Which can be used as a HILIC internal standard, still retains well on Echelon C18 with reverse phase chromatography.

Chromatograms of two separate injections of the isomers overlaid for easier comparison

Instrumentation: LC-MS/MS Triple quadrupole; UHPLC pressures on a 50×2.1mm, 1.8um Echelon C18 column (PN ADV8108)


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