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By: ASAS Team

Our New Line of HTe‾Chem Products

Published: May 24, 2022

With the rising popularity of HTe‾Chem Electrochemistry, Analytical has responded to the increasing demand for these products by offering a new setup for the scientific communities’ needs. This new line of products allows broad electrochemical reactions to be carried out on Analytical Sales standard 24-well minirack platform. Simply speaking, it turns Analytical Sales’ minirack into a high-throughput microscale electrochemical reactor.

In addition, these new products can be paired with our standard 24-LED, 9mm-spacing Lumidox platform to turn it into a high-throughput microscale electrophotochemical reactor. This pairing allows for accelerated electrochemistry by allowing multiple simultaneous constant current, voltage, and/or electrophotochemical experiments to be run.

There are currently two setups available: one that provides constant current, and one providing constant voltage.
The constant current option allows for precise current control that is maintained by the power supply throughout the reaction, with voltage automatically adjusting based on the changing conditions as the reaction progresses.
The constant voltage option allows for precise voltage to be set (much like the constant current option), and maintained by the power supply with the current automatically changing based on the changing condition of the reaction.

Depending on your needs, Analytical offers a wide selection of electrode choices that can be used as either cathodes or anodes. If you are unsure which electrode(s) best fit your needs, we offer an electrode kit that includes eight of our ten electrode options.

As always, Analytical is more than happy to assist with any comments, questions, or concerns you may have about our HTe‾Chem products.