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By: ASAS Team

New Prep/Semi-Prep in-line filter O-ring (PN 702021)

Published: March 4, 2020

New polyurethane O-ring (PN 702021) for Prep/Semi-Prep size in-line solvent filters!  Due to customer demand we are now offering these polyurethane O-rings to provide better sealing through multiple opening/closing of the filter housing.  Already tested and proven to work with SFC systems.  This as an alternative to the original O-ring (PN 49233)

Use in our following housings:
PN 49230 & 49230DR

NOTE: Our 49230DR is a 49230 modification to have twice the diameter flow ports in/out of the housing.  This modification is done in-house to order to tight tolerances by our engineering staff and greatly assists with reducing system downtime due to clogged ports.