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By: ASAS Team

New, Convenient 384 WP offerings!

Published: May 14, 2020

Analytical Sales & Services is continually working to improve your options for your most critical asset, your samples.  For those using 384 well plates, having the range of options to select the proper well volume and shape can greatly impact your workflow.

New 384 Collection Plates
PN Well Volume Well Shape
Working volume: 15-145µL

Flat bottom
Working volume: 1-90uL

Working volume: 12-130uL

V -bottom


You can see our full selection of 384 well plates (up to 400uL volume) here!

For most applications selecting the proper sealing method for the plate is just as vital.  Thankfully we have a variety of options for you.

384 Sealing Options
PN Material Suggested Usage
Teflon (PTFE) Sheet; Adhesive only around the well (purple)
  • Storage
  • Pierceable
    • Injections
    • Agilent RapidFire
Teflon (PTFE) Sheet; Pre-slit; Adhesive only around the well (red)
  • Pierceable
    • Injections
    • Agilent RapidFire
  • Not for long-term storage
  • Automation to reduce evaporation and prevent dust/dirt.

Silicone Mat; Adhesive only around the well (red)
  • Excellent for Cell Culture work!
    • O2 &  CO2 permeable
    • H2O vapor impermeable
  • Benefits of Silicone without loss of well volume.
    • Reseals after injections.
  • Packaged with an extra white sheet that must be removed before using.

Silicone molded with dimples; clear
  • Widest solvent compatibility
  • Best seal / reduced evaporation.


Additionally, we offer a well selection assistance tool for pipetting to the correct 384 well if there’s a liquid handler error.  Check out our “LightOne Pro:”
LightOne Pro