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By: ASAS Team

Barcoded Vials and Products

Published: August 2, 2022

Maintaining organization and monitoring a laboratory and it’s assets- especially a busy one- is crucial for accurate and consistent results. Analytical realizes the importance of an efficient and orderly lab, and is addressing this by introducing barcodes which can lead to less prep time, better asset management, and increased productivity.

Currently, Analytical offers barcoded vial inserts for our 96-well blocks (9984001). Each 8×30 shell is 2D barcoded on the bottom, sequentially assembled in the open bottom tray, and has a large viewing area. We can also directly print barcodes on anything that has a flat surface such as vials, caps, and well blocks. Polypropylene products, aluminum well blocks, PTFE and PETG products, and products utilizing our SiliGuard coating are eligible for barcoding. Vials with tapered bottoms are not suitable for barcoding due to the reduced surface area on the bottom of the vials.

Analytical’s barcoding service provides a myriad of uses that provide numerous benefits to any laboratory:

  • Cryogenic Labels that can withstand extreme temperature exposures down to 196°C, liquid nitrogen, and multiple freeze/cycles for extended long-term cryogenic storage.
  • Chemical Resistant Labels that will remain scannable, readable, and will not fade due to exposure from chemicals such as DMSO, methanol, xylene, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and more. Each label is quality tested to ensure they will remain scanable, readable, and will not fade.
  • Custom Markings such as pre-labeled tubes and vials, sequentially numbered tubes and vials, and easily readable barcodes which allow for assets to be tracked both physically and digitally. Fill lines, 2D barcodes on the bottom and tops of caps, and color branded logos are available as well.

Analytical will continue to expand our collection of barcoded products, and we will be more than happy to assist you in determining if your products can be barcoded. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our barcoding services, or if you are looking to have your laboratory assets barcoded to fit your specific needs.