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By: ASAS Team

Thermal Adapter Plates

Published: March 25, 2022

Analytical Sales and Services Thermal Adapter Plates (TAPs) are a series of precision-machined aluminum “heatsinks” meant to closely conform to the underside geometry of polypropylene 96-well collection / microtiter plates. With a design led by the needs of the biochemical and pharmaceutical industries, these products are able to improve the results that can be achieved with high throughput experimentation processes. Thanks to the high thermal conductivity of the aluminum, the TAPs can function with either a heating block or a cooling block. Each well of the plastic collection plate or microtiter plate can be kept at the required temperature, allowing the user to avoid the thermal gradients that would occur if the collection plates were placed on a flat plate cooler.

Analytical Sales and Services is able to further support high-throughput experimentation by supplying other temperature control devices. The Thermal Adapter Plates are fully compatible with Analytical Sales and Services’ Thermal Transfer Decks (TTDs). Theses devices allow the user to either heat or cool their polypropylene collection plate to a highly uniform controlled temperature and can be securely fastened to the Thermal Adapter Plate via 4 screws.

In addition to enjoying full compatibility with the most popular collection plates of the industry, the Thermal Adapter Plates may also be helpful in cooling PCR plates. This extra functionality comes from the SLAS standard 9mm pitch which allows the TAPs to be used with many different non-skirted PCR plates.

Key Features:

  • Even temperature control
  • High and low temperature usability
  • Compatibility with Analytical Sales and Services cooling products
  • Potential for custom geometries
  • Usable with some of the industry’s most popular microplates
  • PCR plate compatibility
  • SLAS dimensions
  • High-visibility purple anodized coating