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The LightOne Pro Illuminator is a compact, bench top pipetting aid for enhanced visualization of 384-well or 96-well plates. It provides illumination of specific wells during dispensing and as a standalone device, requires no computer interface. The illumination may be advanced manually. It reduces errors associated with manual pipetting and increases productivity.

The LightOne™ Pro includes: LightOne Pro unit, foot pedal, USB stick (with 96 and 384-well converter) and 96 well silicone adapter mat

Cat. No. Description
LOI-384 LightOne Pro

Create custom templates using
the LightOne Pro Online File Generator


The LightOne Pro is set up for 384-well plates, but can easily be modified for 96-well plates by using the silicone adapter mat (included).

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Generating Templates:
Lighting Up Groups of Wells Simultaneously (pdf)

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Quickly Toggle to Your Template (pdf)


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