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Photoredox & Parallel Synthesis

Photoredox - 96-Well

Photoredox/Optimization Plates
96-Well Reaction Plates (250µL or 1mL volumes)

Silicone Rubber Mats – Provide compression sealing. Plates use two silicone rubber mats on top and one on the bottom of each plate.

PFA Films – One chemically compatible Teflon® PFA film is used on top to provide a seal and one on the bottom to keep the glass reaction vials from sticking to the silicone rubber mats during heating.

96-Well Block Assembly for Screening Chemistry
Includes Vial Rack, Bottom and Top Covers, PFA Films, Rubber Mats, and Screws

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    Stainless Steel Top Cover for Reaction Blocks
    96985Stainless Steel Top Cover for Reaction Blocks$295.00
    96-Well Photoredox Block Assembly
    9697396-Well Photoredox Block AssemblyEach$480.00
    Bottom PFA Films for 96-Well Photoredox
    96979Bottom PFA Films for 96-Well Photoredox25$115.00
    Bottom Rubber Mats for 96-Well Photoredox
    96980Bottom Rubber Mats for 96-Well Photoredox25$60.00
    Stackable Tray with 8x30 Shell Vials
    884001Stackable Tray with 8x30 Shell VialsEach$25.00
    96-Well Tray with 5 x 31mm Flat Bottom Vials
    9624296-Well Tray with 5 x 31mm Flat Bottom VialsEach$30.00
    Anodized Aluminum Spacers for 5 x 31mm Inserts
    96969Anodized Aluminum Spacers for 5 x 31mm Inserts96$510.00
    Powder Transfer Plate for 8x30mm Vials
    96T105Powder Transfer Plate for 8x30mm VialsEach$470.00
    Battery Powered Screwdriver
    SD1000Battery Powered ScrewdriverEach$200.00