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Photoredox Catalysis & Parallel Synthesis



Lumidox™ System for Photoredox Rx Catalysis
Rapid Parallel Photocatalyzed Processes in 24 or 96-Well Plate Reactors

• Repeatable Control of Photon Intensity
• 30mA LED Maximum Output
• Blue (470nm), Green (527nm), and White LED Arrays
• Ultraviolet (365nm) LED array also available – must use with Lumidox UV controller

Lumidox® Gen II STAGES
Available for Gen 1 Arrays via an Adapter to Gen II Controller

See typical Radiant Flux Values for Gen I arrays Expand

Lumidox® II STAGE Selection
Available for Gen 1 Arrays via an Adapter to Gen II Controller

Radiant Flux Values per STAGE - Example (typical values)
96-Well Gen 1 LED Arrays with adapter to Gen 2 controller
Stage 1 Radiant FluxStage 2 Radiant FluxStage 3 Radiant FluxStage 4 Radiant FluxStage 5 Radiant Flux
Catalog No.WavelengthPer well (mW)Total (W)Per well (mW)Total (W)Per well (mW)Total (W)Per well (mW)Total (W)Per well (mW)Total (W)

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    LUM24B Lumidox 24-Well Blue LED Array
    LUM24BLumidox 24-Well Blue LED ArrayEach$110.00
    LUM96G Lumidox 96-Well Green LED Array
    LUM96GLumidox 96-Well Green LED ArrayEach$240.00
    LUM96W Lumidox 96-Well White LED Array
    LUM96WLumidox 96-Well White LED ArrayEach$240.00