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Column Temperature Control


• Fast Response Controller
• Temperature Range: 10ºC below ambient to 45ºC
• Repeatability Precision: ±0.5ºC
• Accuracy: ±1ºC
• High Flow Capability
• Remote Control of Valve Position

Chemists can now accurately cool and heat liquid chromatography columns with the PowerSELECTOR™ Elite automated column selector now available from Analytical Sales and Services.

The PowerSELECTOR™ ELITE is a six position, automated system which incorporates state-of-the-art selector valves and a PeltiermBi-directional heat pump to accurately switch columns while cooling or heating the compartment. External contact automatically ramps the temperature of the system down to protect the columns after method development is complete.

The PowerSELECTOR™ ELITE allows accurate cooling and heating of liquid chromatography columns and has been designed to accommodate automated methods development and provide column stability for enhanced resolution.

The precision microprocessor based temperature controller has a digital display and features quick response. Temperature range is 10ºC below ambient to 45ºC. Precision of repeatability is plus or minus 0.5ºC and accuracy is plus or minus .5ºC.

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    POWERSELECTOR6PPowerSELECTOR 6-Column Switching System with Heating and Cooling Capacity, PEEK®$5,410.00
    POWERSELECTOR6SPowerSELECTOR 6-Column Switching System with Heating and Cooling Capacity, Stainless Steel$5,410.00