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TCube edge Chiller

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cooling rate of the chiller?
The cooling rate of the chiller is highly variable and specifying a rate is not possible without full knowledge of the experimental setup. While Analytical has seen rates on the order of 1.3°C /min, results will vary depending on the item being cooled, the heat being generated, the coolant being used, and the temperature limits set.
Does it run on an 110V outlet?
Can a remote thermocouple be used for control?
Not directly, though it is possible to set an offset to the chiller’s display temperature so that the machine will output an approximation of the remote value. Please see the OFFSET section in the manual for additional information.The user would have to correlate their external temperature to what the chiller is displaying and key in their own offset.
Can the Tcube Edge Chiller be remotely controlled or internally programmed for temperature cycling?
Remotely controlled, yes, via RS232 communication. A full set of serial commands can be found within the manual, section 7. Serial commands can be used to program a hold temp.
What coolant is recommended for the TCube Edge Chiller?
Analytical recommends high-performance Koolance LIQ-702CL-B coolant (added link to Koolance website). This would also ensure the best cooling rate performance below 5°C. The tank capacity is 1L, so please ensure at least two 700mL bottles are available.
Can the TCube Edge Chiller be used for heating?
Yes, the chiller’s operating range is from 0°C to 65°C.
What is the cooling capacity of the TCube Edge Chiller?
The TCube Edge Chiller has 230W of cooling capacity at 20°C in 20°C ambient air.
Can the TCube Edge Chiller cool multiple daisy-chained TTDs? If so, how many can be daisy chained?
Yes, the TCube Edge Chiller has the capacity required to cool multiple thermal loads connected in series. Analytical is unable to provide any general specifications since the performance of the chiller in this application is highly dependent on what is being cooled and how much heat is being removed. Analytical suggests using the TTD+ and the Daisy-Chain Connector for easy daisy chaining. Daisy-chaining any TTD will always result in some sort of temperature gradient as the coolant moves through the system and picks up/removes heat. 

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