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LC Mobile Phase Recycler

Liquid Chromatography Mobile Phase Recycler

SolventTrak-II is a second generation solvent conservation system designed to recycle uncontaminated solvents used in isocratic HPLC systems.

SolventTrak-II automatically detects eluting peaks and diverts them to waste while sending clean, uncontaminated solvent back to the reservoir for recycling. The system incorporates a unique integration algorithm to accurately detect peaks in the eluent to ensure that contaminants are eliminated even if chromatography systems conditions cause the baseline to drift up or down.

Each SolventTrak-II is calibrated and certified to an NIST traceable standard and includes a Certificate of Validation. SolventTrak-II complies with CE requirements. Power requirements are 95 to 250 VAC self switching.
  • Saves up to 90% of isocratic HPLC solvent consumption
  • Decreases solvent disposal cost
  • Easy to use
  • Optional shutdown/cleanup valve with programmable duration time prior to system shutdown
  • Additional analog output to window valve-to-waste periods
Cat. No. Description
100-300 SolventTrak-II Mobile Phase Recycler for Isocratic HPLC automatically detects peaks using a sophisticated integration algorithm. Switches peak fractions to waste automatically via a diverter valve which is supplied standard.
100-312 Optional Clean-Up Kit for automated system clean-up with wash solvent. Includes 2nd diverter valve and mounting bracket.

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