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Advantage™ Protein Crash Plates
for Protein Precipitation and Hepatocyte Filtration

Protein Crash 1mL
Advantage™ Protein Crash Plates for protein precipitation and hepatocyte filtration provide an extremely simple and rapid method for removing protein compounds from samples prior to downstream analysis. The pore size of the filter decreases with the increase in depth so that larger particles are trapped on the surface and throughout the interior of the filter. The plate has a unique hydrophobic membrane configuration which retains the acetonitrile/ sample mixture during mixing or inoculation steps. Protein is removed from the plasma via acetonitrile precipitation and vacuum filtration. The ending filtrate is ready for HPLC injection or target UV quantitation.

Advantage 1mL Protein Crash Plates are manufactured under tight tolerances in our NJ facility. We are able to provide this product at a price point that makes protein precipitation plates a viable option once again!

• 100% sample integrity
• Manufactured from high quality solvent resistant polypropylene
• Large sample volume capacity
• Proprietary frits produce optimized Protein Precipitatio
• Use for plasma, urine, and other bioanalysis samples
• Use for hepatocyte filtration
• Processes 96 samples in less than 20 min
• Fully automatable, saves analyst time
• Works on all current manual or automated processing instrumentation

1mL Protein Crash Plates
Cat. No. Description
1mL Protein Precipitate 96-Well Plate
60513-5 1mL Protein Precipitate 96-Well Plate (5 pack)

2mL Protein Crash Plates
2mL Protein Crash Plates
60223 2mLProtein Precipitate 96-Well Plate w/ Grated Screen
60223-5 2mLProtein Precipitate 96-Well Plate w/ Grated Screen (5 pack)
60223-10 2mLProtein Precipitate 96-Well Plate w/ Grated Screen (10 pack)
60223-25 2mL Protein Precipitate 96-Well Plate w/ Grated Screen (25 pack)

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Example Protocol for the Advantage Protein Precipitation and Hepatocyte Filter Plates:

Add desired organic solvent (typically 3 x sample volume).
Add sample (unknown, Std, QC, etc).
Cover Filter Plate and Vortex.
Draw liquid through filter via Centrifugation. Vortex again for 1 minute.
You can also filter via vacuum. Extract samples with our 96 position Vacuum Manifold.

NOTE: Each well can hold up to 1.0 mL of liquid above the filter.

ACN or MeOH will not break through our filter plates for hours.

When covering the filter plate we recommend using our Silicone / PTFE cap mat (# 965007) or sealing film (# 961801)

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