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Injection and Switching Valves
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Manual Switching Valves

Model 7000 & 9010 Two-Position Column Switching Valves Model 7000 & 9010
Two-Position Column Switching Valves

The versitile two position six port switching valves are available in different sizes and materials. A number of models are available to accept either 1/16” or 1/8” fittings. These valves redirect flow among columns during the chromatographic run. Applications using these valves include trace enrichment, sample clean up, and coupled column analysis. These valves are also useful for selection between two columns.

Compare Model 7000 to the Three-Way Switching Valve (Model 7030) in which each end of the off-line column is independently sealed instead of connected together head-to-tail. Independant seals produce less shock to the column if the valve switches before all the pressure leaves the column.

Model 9010 PEEK™ Sample Injector can convert to a six-port switching valve functionally identical to Model 7000 by removing the loop.

Catalog No. Description
470004 Stainless Steel Switching Valve
47000L4 Stainless Steel Switching Valve, Large Bore
490104 PEEK™ Switching Valve w/ 20µL Sample Loop
430004 PEEK™ Switching Valve, with 1/8” Fittings

7030 & 9030 Switching Valve Model 3030, 7030 & 9030 Switching Valve, 3-Way

The Models 7030 (stainless), and 9030 (PEEK™) are six-port two-position valves with a double three-way switching pattern. You can use them for selecting between two columns. The ends of the off-line column are sealed in a way that is different from the Model 7000 valve. Maximum pressure rating of 7,000.

Catalog No. Description
470304 3-Way Valve, Stainless Steel
47030L4 3-Way Valve, Large Bore 1/16”, SS
490304 3-Way Valve, 1/16”, PEEK™
43030-0384 3-Way Valve, with 1/8” Fittings, SS

Model 7040 Switching Valve Model 7040
Switching Valve, 4-Way

The Model 7040 is a four-port, two-position Stainless Steel valve. The passages are identical to the 7000, but the external loop converts the functionally.

The 7040 with the external loop exchanges the flow pattern from ports (2-3 and 4-6) to (2-6 and 4-3). This flow pattern facilitates applications such as alternating column regeneration and column backflushing. Maximum pressure rating of 7,000.

Catalog No. Description
470404 4-Way Valve
47040L4 4-Way Valve, Large Bore 1/16”

Six Position Switching Valve Model 7060, 9060
Six Position Switching Valve

This Six-Position Switching Valve makes HPLC analyses easier and faster and are available in either Stainless Steel or PEEK™. Two manually operated, six-position valves allow convenient selection among six columns for different analytical methods on the same chromatograph.

There are several advantages achieved from using the valves instead of manually changing the columns: there is immediate selection, there is no wear on the fittings from repeated tightening, and the valve seals both ends of the off-line columns and keeps them on stand-by for future, immediate use.

For manual column selection, the center port of one valve connects to an injector. Turning the valve handle directs flow into one of up to six columns connected to the valve’s six peripheral ports. A second six-position valve connects to the column outlets to select the operating column effluent and to direct it to the detector.

The sixth port may be used for a bypass/flush-out tube. This connection permits rapid mobile phase changeover without exposing any column to a mobile phase other than the one with which it is routinely used.

Catalog No. Description
470604 Stainless Steel 6-Position Switching Valve 1/16”
47060L4 Stainless Steel 6-Position Switching Valve 1/16”,Large Bore

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