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Advantage LANCER™ C8, C18, Cyano & Phenyl Columns

Ľ High efficiency
Ľ Lot-to-lot reproducibility
Ľ Monofunctional: polar and bulky end-capping
Ľ Highly retentive
Ľ Ideal for non-polar to medium polarity compounds using organic/aqueous mobile phases

  Lancer™ columns are based on the same ultra-pure Type B silica gel used in our ArmorÖ products, and thoroughly end-capped bonded phases ensure that LancerÖ columns and cartridges will perform well in demanding situations, where many other column brands fail.

The bulky size and secondary chemical functionality of the end-capping moiety on LancerÖ columns and cartridges make them popular choices for researchers developing powerful LC-MS techniques or chromatographers doing routine analysis of difficult polar compounds.

Lancer is an attractive alternative to traditional reverse phase methods and is an excellent replacement for Hypersil® packed columns. The characteristically high efficiency, good lot-to-lot reproducability and low cost make Lancer an attractive alternative to traditional reverse phase methods.

SS Analytical Columns
120ü, 5Ám - 4.6, 3.0 and 2.1mm ID Sizes
ADV5009 C18, 5Ám 3.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5010 C18, 5Ám 5.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5011 C18, 5Ám 10.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5012 C18, 5Ám 15.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5013 C18, 5Ám 25.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5055 C18, 5Ám 3.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5056 C18, 5Ám 5.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5057 C18, 5Ám 10.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5058 C18, 5Ám 15.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5059 C18, 5Ám 25.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5075 C18, 5Ám 3.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5076 C18, 5Ám 5.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5077 C18, 5Ám 10.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5078 C18, 5Ám 15.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5079 C18, 5Ám 25.0cm x 2.1mm
120ü, 5Ám - 4.6, 3.0 and 2.1mm ID Sizes
ADV5209 C8, 5Ám 3.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5210 C8, 5Ám 5.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5211 C8, 5Ám 10.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5212 C8, 5Ám 15.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5213 C8, 5Ám 25.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5255 C8, 5Ám 3.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5256 C8, 5Ám 5.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5257 C8, 5Ám 10.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5258 C8, 5Ám 15.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5259 C8, 5Ám 25.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5275 C8, 5Ám 3.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5276 C8, 5Ám 5.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5277 C8, 5Ám 10.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5278 C8, 5Ám 15.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5279 C8, 5Ám 25.0cm x 2.1mm
120ü 5Ám - 4.6, 3.0 and 2.1mm I.D. Sizes
ADV4009 Cyano, 5Ám 3.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV4010 Cyano, 5Ám 5.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV4011 Cyano, 5Ám 10.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV4012 Cyano, 5Ám 15.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV4013 Cyano, 5Ám 25.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV4014 Cyano, 5Ám 3.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV4015 Cyano, 5Ám 5.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV4016 Cyano, 5Ám 10.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV4017 Cyano, 5Ám 15.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV4018 Cyano, 5Ám 25.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV4019 Cyano, 5Ám 3.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV4020 Cyano, 5Ám 5.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV4021 Cyano, 5Ám 10.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV4022 Cyano, 5Ám 15.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV4023 Cyano, 5Ám 25.0cm x 2.1mm
120ü, 4.5Ám - 4.6, 3.0 and 2.1mm ID Sizes
ADV5904 Phenyl, 5Ám 3.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5909 Phenyl, 5Ám 5.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5906 Phenyl, 5Ám 10.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5912 Phenyl, 5Ám 15.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5913 Phenyl, 5Ám 25.0cm x 4.6mm
ADV5905 Phenyl, 5Ám 3.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5910 Phenyl, 5Ám 5.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5911 Phenyl, 5Ám 10.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5907 Phenyl, 5Ám 15.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5908 Phenyl, 5Ám 25.0cm x 3.0mm
ADV5975 Phenyl, 5Ám 3.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5976 Phenyl, 5Ám 5.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5977 Phenyl, 5Ám 10.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5978 Phenyl, 5Ám 15.0cm x 2.1mm
ADV5979 Phenyl, 5Ám 25.0cm x 2.1mm

Guard Cartridges & Holders

5Ám, 20mm x 2.1 mm, 5/Pkg
ADV-H8185 Advantage¬ LANCER¬ C8
ADV-H185 Advantage¬ LANCER¬ C18
ADV-CNP5 Advantage¬ LANCER¬ Cyano
ADV-PHN5 Advantage¬ LANCER¬ Phenyl
5Ám, 20mm x 3.2mm ID, 5/Pkg
ADV-H208 Advantage¬ LANCER¬ C8
ADV-H218 Advantage¬ LANCER¬ C18
ADV-HCN Advantage¬ LANCER¬ Cyano
ADV-H1PH Advantage¬ LANCER¬ Phenyl
ADV-GUARDFF Double Female Holder
ADV-HBGC Brownlee NewGuard¬ Holder
ADV0220-181 LANCER¬ C18, 10Ám 25mm x 20mm
ADV20-HOLD25 Prep Guard Cartridge Holder
For applications requiring high resolution and high selectivity
  • 10 to 40 x 2.1mm I.D. sizes
  • Fast HPLC analysis
  • LC-MS applications
  • PEEKTM / titanium design
  • Individually tested and certified

SPRITE LC1842 C18, 5Ám, 40 x 2.1mm
SPRITE LC1822 C18, 5Ám, 20 X 2.1mm
SPRITE LC1832 C18, 5Ám, 10 x 2.1mm
SPRITE L10-1842 C18, 10Ám, 40 x 2.1mm
SPRITE L10-1822 C18, 10Ám, 20 x 2.1mm
SPRITE L10-1832 C18, 10Ám, 10 X 2.1mm

Microbore Columns
120ü 5Ám - 1.0, 0.5 and 0.3mm I.D. Sizes
ADV03L1L205 C18, 5Ám 30mm x 1.0mm
ADV05L1L205 C18, 5Ám 50mm x 1.0mm
ADV10L1L205 C18, 5Ám 100mm x 1.0mm
ADV15L1L205 C18, 5Ám 150mm x 1.0mm
ADV25L1L205 C18, 5Ám 250mm x 1.0mm
ADV03L5L205 C18, 5Ám 30mm x 0.5mm
ADV05L5L205 C18, 5Ám 50mm x 0.5mm
ADV10L5L205 C18, 5Ám 100mm x 0.5mm
ADV15L5L205 C18, 5Ám 150mm x 0.5mm
ADV03L3L205 C18, 5Ám 30mm x 0.3mm
ADV05L3L205 C18, 5Ám 50mm x 0.3mm
ADV10L3L205 C18, 5Ám 100mm x 0.3mm
120ü, 5Ám - 1.0, 0.5 and 0.3mm I.D. Sizes
ADV03L1L000 C8, 5Ám 30mm x 1.0mm
ADV05L1L000 C8, 5Ám 50mm x 1.0mm
ADV10L1L000 C8, 5Ám 100mm x 1.0mm
ADV15L1L000 C8, 5Ám 150mm x 1.0mm
ADV25L1L000 C8, 5Ám 250mm x 1.0mm
ADV03L5L000 C8, 5Ám 30mm x 0.5mm
ADV05L5L000 C8, 5Ám 50mm x 0.5mm
ADV10L5L000 C8, 5Ám 100mm x 0.5mm
ADV15L5L000 C8, 5Ám 150mm x 0.5mm
ADV03L3L000 C8, 5Ám 30mm x 0.3mm
ADV05L3L000 C8, 5Ám 50mm x 0.3mm
ADV10L3L000 C8, 5Ám 100mm x 0.3mm
120ü, 5Ám - 1.0, 0.5 and 0.3mm ID Sizes
ADV03C1C000 Cyano, 5Ám 30mm x 1.0mm
ADV05C1C000 Cyano, 5Ám 50mm x 1.0mm
ADV10C1C000 Cyano, 5Ám 100mm x 1.0mm
ADV15C1C000 Cyano, 5Ám 150mm x 1.0mm
ADV25C1C000 Cyano, 5Ám 250mm x 1.0mm
ADV03C5C000 Cyano, 5Ám 30mm x 0.5mm
ADV05C5C000 Cyano, 5Ám 50mm x 0.5mm
ADV10C5C000 Cyano, 5Ám 100mm x 0.5mm
ADV15C5C000 Cyano, 5Ám 150mm x 0.5mm
ADV03C3C000 Cyano, 5Ám 30mm x 0.3mm
ADV05C3C000 Cyano, 5Ám 50mm x 0.3mm
ADV10C3C000 Cyano, 5Ám 100mm x 0.3mm
120ü, 5Ám - 1.0, 0.5 and 0.3mm ID Sizes
ADV03P1P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 30mm x 1.0mm
ADV05P1P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 50mm x 1.0mm
ADV10P1P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 100mm x 1.0mm
ADV15P1P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 150mm x 1.0mm
ADV25P1P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 250mm x 1.0mm
ADV03P5P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 30mm x 0.5mm
ADV05P5P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 50mm x 0.5mm
ADV10P5P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 100mm x 0.5mm
ADV15P5P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 150mm x 0.5mm
ADV03P3P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 30mm x 0.3mm
ADV05P3P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 50mm x 0.3mm
ADV10P3P000 Phenyl, 5Ám 100mm x 0.3mm
SS Semi-Prep & Prep Columns
120ü, 5Ám and 10Ám - 10 & 20mm I.D. Sizes
ADV531010 C18, 5Ám 100mm x 10mm
ADV531510 C18, 5Ám 150mm x 10mm
ADV532510 C18, 5Ám 250mm x 10mm
ADV531020 C18, 5Ám 100mm x 20mm
ADV531520 C18, 5Ám 150mm x 20mm
ADV532520 C18, 5Ám 250mm x 20mm
ADV601010 C18, 10Ám 100mm x 10mm
ADV601510 C18, 10Ám 150mm x 10m
ADV602510 C18, 10Ám 250mm x 10mm
ADV601020 C18, 10Ám 100mm x 20mm
ADV601520 C18, 10Ám 150mm x 20mm
ADV602520 C18, 10Ám 250mm x 20mm
120ü, 5Ám - 10 & 20mm ID Sizes
ADV621010 C8, 5Ám 100mm x 10mm
ADV621510 C8, 5Ám 150mm x 10mm
ADV622510 C8, 5Ám 250mm x 10mm
ADV621020 C8, 5Ám 100mm x 20mm
ADV621520 C8, 5Ám 150mm x 20mm
ADV622520 C8, 5Ám 250mm x 20mm

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