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Temperature Control

LC-LC/MS Column Heaters and Cooler

Rugged chromatographic methods ensure success for routine analysis. One of the largest factors controlling the effectiveness of your method is the temperature at which the method is run. It’s very common to have large temperature swings in ambient temperature. Whether it’s summer or winter, morning or afternoon, every laboratory experiences temperature fluctuations due to artificial climate control systems, heat emitted by laboratory instrumentation or by nature itself.

It has been shown that a temperature fluctuation as little as 2ºC in either direction is enough to adversely effect the performance of even the most tried and true methods.

Every scientist understands that temperature stabilization is the key to accurate and reliable results.

The next important decision is to choose the heating or cooling device which is best for your application. Analytical Sales and Services offers the most accurate and reliable column heaters and coolers available in the world.

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All ASAS heater products carry the value recognized CE mark. Each Heater meets the demanding electromagnetic emission standards of the new European Union Directives, United States standards, and Canadian standards.

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