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Collection Plates
1mL 96-well Collection Plates 2mL 96-well Collection Plates and Cap Mats Small Volume 96-well Plates PCR Plates Flexi-Tier
384-well Collection Plates 96-well Glass Inserts Reservoirs, Trough Plates and Basins Adhesive Sealing Films Devices and Accessories

96-Well Devices and Accessories

EquaVAP™ 96-, 54- and 24-Well Blowdown Evaporators
  • Rapidly evaporates common organic solvents (0-100LPM)
  • Internal flow equalizers - distributes equal output across all needle ports to ensure even and symmetrical evaporation.
  • Stainless Steel Needle Tips - long term robust use, sturdy, wide solvent compatibilities
  • Step-down Height Adjustment - offers positive repeatable height positions
  • Stand Alone - simple to operate, connects to Nitrogen supply and standard socket
  • Small Footprint (8” base) - fits into small glove boxes and standard fume hoods
Chemical Avg Evap Time
Dichloromethane 99.9% 00:00:23
Acetone 100% 00:02:04
Methanol 99.9% 00:06:09
Ethyl Acetate 00:03:04
Acetonitrile 00:06:37
Isopropyl Alcohol 99.0% 00:08:48
Water (DI) 01:23:46
Conditions: 100µL of solvent evaporated at Air flow of 100 L/min

Blowdown Solvent Evaporators
Cat. No. Description Qty
23096 EquaVAP 96-Well Blowdown Evaporator for 96-Well Polypropylene Collection Plates or 96-Well Reaction Blocks Each
23024-18 EquaVAP for 24-Well PP Collection Plates, 18mm center-to-center needle distance Each
23054 EquaVAP for 54-Well Collection Plates, or 54-position Base Plates with 2mL, 12 x 32mm Vials Each

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LightOne Pro NEW! SpeedyBead™
96-Well Bead Dropper

• Holds up to 1,000 beads
• Fill up to 10 collection plates before reloading
• Drops one agitator bead into each of the 96 wells simultaneously
• Increases efficiency - reduces prep time
• 100% accuracy - no missed wells, no double-up
• For beads up to 5/32” (0.15625”)

See it in Action!
Click to Watch Video
Cat. No. Description
96T051 Speedy-Bead 96-Well Bead Dropper

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LightOne Pro

NEW! Collection Plate Templates
for 96-Well Collection Plates

• Provides easy identification of each well
• Reusable – made of lightweight aluminum
• Low cost

Alpha-Numeric Template (A.N.T.), Purple
Letters A-H in the upper left corners
Numbers 1-12 in the lower right corners

Cat. No. Description
96T001 Alpha-numeric Template for 96-well Collection Plates

Numeric Template, Green
Numbers only 1-96 in the lower right corners

Cat. No. Description
96T002 Numeric Template for 96-well Collection Plates

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LightOne red

LightOne™ Illuminator

• Reduces manual errors
• Customizable: highlight a single well or an entire row or column
• Perfect for cluster tubes and glass inserts
• Selective illumination to accomodate light sensitive reagents
• Foot pedal control for easy, hands-free navigation

The LightOne Illuminator is a compact, bench top pipetting aid for enhanced visualization of 96-well plates. It provides illumination of specific wells during dispensing and, as a stand-alone device, requires no computer interface. The illumination may be advanced manually or automatically using a user-defined time interval. It reduces errors associated with manual pipetting into 96-well plates and increases the confidence of the operator in delivering the correct reagent or sample to the intended well.

LightOne™ Red

• For Real Time PCR
• No bleaching of fluorescent dyes
• Same functions as the LightOne Illuminator

Cat. No. Description
LOI-96FT LightOne Illuminator - 96-Well , 5 VDC, 110-220 V, includes Foot Pedal and Tilt Stand
LOR-96FT LightOne Red - 96-Well, 5 VDC, 110-220 V, includes Foot Pedal and Tilt Stand

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Full vertical/horizontal functionality!
Four directional arrows give you full control over the LightOne Illuminator!
Don’t need a whole row illuminated?
Illuminate partial rows or columns easily!
Pause it! Press “Go” or any directional arrow to pause, then press again to resume using the LightOne!

LightOne Pro

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LightOne™ Pro

• 384-Well
• USB interface, or use as stand-alone device
• Dedicated for high throughput assay development
• Pinpoint your well with the click of two buttons
• Quickly identify and select the area you want to pipette
• Reduce sample and reagents
• Comes with foot pedal

The LightOne Pro also comes with a 512mb flash drive which contains preloaded templates as well as converters to convert your Excell .csv files to template files.

Cat. No. Description
LOI-384 LightOne Pro for 384-well, includes Foot Pedal

Useful Links:

Generating Templates:
Lighting Up Groups of Wells Simultaneously (pdf)

Browse Mode Tips: Quickly Toggle to Your Template (pdf)

Online Template Generator

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ViewOne Lablite ViewOne™ Lablite

• Power cord comes with changeable heads
• Measures a mere 20.5 x 12 cm
• Fits in the palm of your hand
• Direct light provides better viewing for picking colonies, ELISA,
     cell viability and stained gel
• Features three light intensities: Low, Medium and High!

The ViewOne Lablite is a portable lighting device used to illuminate your samples. It has a retainer around the edges to keep petri dishes and collection plates in place. The light panel stays consistently cool, even after hours of use. It is also water resistant, and features three different light intensities.

Cat. No. Description
56410 ViewOne Lablite 100-240V

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ViewOne Indexer ViewOne™ Indexer

Compact and portable, the ViewOne Indexer provides illumination of your 96-well plates. The transparent template helps you keep track of individual samples, and two interchangeable stands make viewing easy and comfortable.

• ViewOne Lablite
• 15Ί Stand
• 25Ί Stand
• (2) 96-Well Template Transparencies

Cat. No. Description
56411 ViewOne Indexer

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